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We've being working from seperate states and on different time zones but we're still smiling, taking on each challenge as they arise. 

On July 30th, I left G-town with my kids to head to Queensland to be with my husband as he had been up there for 3 weeks for work and was continuing his work up there indefinitely. It all happened so quickly, our long awaited new stock was due to arrive and MISSTA was my biggest concern to leave behind but I ultimately had to do what was best for my family, knowing that Missta was left in good hands! I was lucky enough to have my Sister (Zoe) and Mum at home to help, which was a MASSIVE relief to both Melinda (who remained in Victoria) and I.
Our stock *finally* arrived and we were able to go back on sale. Restock night was a huge success and we still feel so incredibly blessed by everyone's support! 
The next few days Melinda and Zoe were busy packaging up all of the orders, while my Mum did close to 50 post office runs (sorry mum!!Zoe has since left to go back to England so Melinda is holding up the fort for a little longer 😜
Melinda and I usually speak via text, instagram DM's, snap chat or phone calls all day, everyday but since I have been away, it's been so much harder to chat on a daily basis as much as we used to. We attempted a couple of Missta meetings via phone after 7pm when the kids were asleep in the first month or two I was away but I’ll be honest, most of that time was spent catching up on general life topics, Missta only got a couple of brief mentions.
I have since left Queensland and am currently in WA doing 2 weeks quarantine in a house with my kids and hubby for 14 days before joining my in-laws. 
Melinda and I are back to chatting everyday however we are now on a 3-hour time difference which is a killer 😤 but I’m sure we will find a way to make it work! 
In other news, we've had a few big birthday's in our Missta fam... in July Scarlet turned 3 then in August Leo turned 3. September 14, Penelope turned 1 (cannot believe she turned 1, feels like we posted Mel's birth story not that long ago) and in October, Melinda joined the dirty 30's club. On December 1, Ollie will be 1, which I also CANNOT believe. 
AND OUR BIGGEST BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION - On October 27th we had officially been selling Missta bottles for one whole year- CRAZY 🥳 
We still can't believe how quickly that came around. Every single order, every single review, every single message just means the absolute world to us.. we are beyond grateful 🖤
Over the past few months I’ve learnt, more than ever, that running a business and a family at the same time has proven to have its challenges. Even when a global pandemic occurs you have to stay positive and find a solution, rather than focus on any issues. 
Behind the scenes we agreed to just “make it work” and that’s something I am proud to say we have done


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