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Helloooo, welcome to Missta… A Geelong based, Australian business ran by two Mums with two kids (Melinda's eldest is Leo and youngest is Penelope and Demi's eldest is Scarlet and youngest is Ollie).

Missta came about when Demi & Melinda exchanged some back and forth messages on Instagram back in 2017 about their new experiences as Mums; birth, feeding, sleeping, staying sane etc. After a few consistent messages they couldn’t get over how many other parents (and non-parents) were so judgemental towards each other in all aspects of parenthood.

A particular area they noticed that was still a taboo, was formula feeding! (Yes, even in 2021 it’s still not spoken about openly). It broke their hearts to hear how many parents felt judged and ashamed for formula feeding their baby, especially when some hadn’t had the option to breastfeed. So, the idea of Missta was born!!

Both Demi and Melinda want the Missta bottle to be a product where parents are proud to be feeding their infant(s)! The message behind their product will forever be encouraging all the parents out there to keep doing what they are doing in an attempt to nail this thing called ‘parent life'!!

A big inspiration for Missta are those Mums who choose not to breastfeed for own personal reasons and especially those who physically can’t breastfeed. Families come in all varieties and not all of them have the option to breastfeed. Families can be made up of two dads, two mums, single dads, single mums, IVF conception, surrogacy, adoption or legal guardians and then there are working Mums, working Dads, both parents working to keep a roof over their family’s head….Whichever amazing family you have, MISSTA wants to let you know that YOU are driving our brand!!

Missta was designed in hope that formula feeding can be a supported feeding option by the world we live in. Accepted as a part of society and a great way to feed bubba’s when breastfeeding isn’t or hasn’t happened for whatever reason. Being a parent for the first time can be incredibly overwhelming and whichever feeding journey you go down, Missta wants to encourage you to be a proud parent!

Missta’s mission is to make EVERYONE have trust in themselves, that they are doing the best for their own unique situation and all parents should feel included and accepted no matter what choices are made. 

Lots of Love,

Missta xo

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