How It Works

Our 750ml thermos bottle keeps sterilised water warm for up to 12hrs.

With an inbuilt temperature light located in the lid, our Missta Bottle lets you know whether the water is at a safe serving temperature to mix with formula when feeding infants.

How to fill Missta

Step 1

Fill Missta with WARM sterilised water. Ensure the water feels very warm.

Step 2

Tip the bottle upside down so the water can hit the thermometer located in the lid, while upside down, press the M button on the lid.

Step 3

Ensure you see a green light which means the water is safe. The light stays on for 1-2 seconds.

The Missta Lid

Blue Light

Below 30°C

Feels cooler to touch.

Green Light

Between 30°- 45° C

Safe to mix with formula.

red light

Above 45° C

Can be too hot to mix with formula.

Always test baby's milk yourself before giving it to baby.

*Temperature Indicator within +/- 5°C accuracy. 
Always check the formula mixture temperature on the inside of your wrist before serving the infant a bottle.

How to get an accurate temperature reading

Fill Missta with sterilised warm water.

Flip the bottle upside down for 10 seconds so our thermometer is in contact with the water.

While the bottle is upside down, press the M button on the lid, the lid light will display the temperature reading.


Clean your Missta bottle prior to its initial use following the video above. Wipe your lid down with a cloth.

Do not use anything abrasive or acidic.

Do not submerge the lid in liquid.

Do not put in dishwasher, in microwave, in the fridge or freezer.

Do not put formula powder in your Missta bottle or use your Missta bottle for any other types of liquids.