Contacting Missta

  • How do I get in contact with Missta?
    For all inquiries send us an email at hello@missta.com.au


  • How do I get the most accurate temperature reading? 
    Ensure you hold the bottle upside down for at least 2 seconds and press the M button immediately. Repeat this step to ensure you get the same reading.
  • Can I use my Missta bottle to store breastmilk? 
    Our Missta bottle is designed to store water. Our research has been based on the preparation of safe formula feeding. 
  • Where is my Parcel?
    Please allow 48 hours for dispatch and between 5-7 business days for regular parcel postage. Once your parcel has been scanned in by Australia Post, your parcel can be tracked here. 
  • What do I do if my Missta Bottle or Lid is faulty? 
    Please contact us hello@missta.com.au 
  • Can I wash my lid?
    No, do not submerge lid in water. Please refer to our ‘How to Clean’ video.
  • How do I charge my Missta lid? / What do I plug the USB cord into to charge?
    Please refer to our ‘How to Charge’ video and ensure that your adaptor is reasonably new.  
  • Can I put boiling water into my Missta bottle?
    You cannot FILL your Missta bottle with boiling water as it won't cool down. You can partially fill it with 200-300ml of boiling water and fill the remainder with cooled sterilised water. This will generate a green light.  
  • How will I know when my lid is out of battery?
    The light on your lid simply will not flash to any colour.
  • How long does the battery life last between charges?
    It depends on individual use however most lids last between 3-4 months from full charge.

Travelling with your MISSTA Bottle

  • Can I take my Missta bottle on domestic and international flights?
    You can take your Missta bottle on domestic flights with pre prepared water.
    You can take your Missta bottle on international flights however you need to prepare water after you have gone through customs. Always double check with your airline.
  • How do I fill my bottle after customs for an international flight?
    You will need to prepare your Missta bottle once you get through customs due to liquid restrictions. We recommend filling up approximately ½ of your Missta bottle with a purchased bottle of cold sterilised water and then the rest with boiling water (from a café). Ensure the light is green before you board your flight.