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Hello Missta fam, Let's talk about our newest venture…. 🎙

The Missta Mums Pod

By Demi Duncan & Melinda Baxter.
Available on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

We are the Missta Co-founders Demi Duncan and Melinda Baxter and we are here to talk all things parenting struggles, juggles and baby bubbles plus everything in between. Follow along as we discover untold stories from our guests and dive deeper into the motherhood abyss. 

We will be releasing episodes on Tuesday weekly with a mix of Missta Mum Eps (Demi & Melinda talking shit) and episodes with some really cool guests.

Both being mothers of 3, running a business and general mum life, you’re probably wondering how we got here and we have the time? Short answer, we don’t - and we are crazy but we love it! 

At the start of 2022 we spoke about potentially starting a podcast, had a vision, made some calls then of course, mum life prevented it from coming to fruition straight away. At the start of 2023 we spoke again and decided to rip the bandaid off, and here we are!! We were so nervous to do this, but felt like it was the organic next step for our small business. 

So please be kind as we navigate and cringe our way through the new world of podcasting. We hope you love our podcast and can relate to us or some of our guests. 

Leaving us a Rating on Spotify or Google Podcasts goes a long way and really helps our podcast get out there! 

Missta Mums 🎙

Episode 1: Missta Mums (Cringe) - with Demi & Melinda 

Episode 2: Missta Dads (even more cringe) - meet our husbands

Episode 3: Single parent life, in the public eye with Sophie Cachia @sophiecachia

Missta Mum episodes are not all about our business, our Missta Mums Pod is where Demi & Melinda sit down and catch up on Mum life and talk about relevant things going on, and we also call on a few experts or get friends on the phone to chat about certain situations. 

We hope you enjoy it!
Demi & Melinda.

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