Missta's Green Light Temperature Reading

Posted by Demi Duncan on

Why choose to formula feed with Missta?

Missta is a 750ml/25 oz insulated thermos that keeps water at serving temperature for 12 hours. The inbuilt temperature indicator in the lid ensures the water inside is safe to serve to your baby.


Our green light reading means the water is between 25-45° Celsius / 77°-113° Fahrenheit. We made this range as large as possible to cover how most babies drink their bottles, within a safe range.

Although 25° Celsius/ 77° Fahrenheit feels cool to touch, it is slightly above room temperature, and some babies are more than happy with room temperature bottles!

45° Celsius / 113° Fahrenheit is warm to touch but won’t burn your babies mouth. This temperature range is a guide to formula feeding your infant. Some babies may need their bottles hotter, (sometimes for medical reasons) and some babies just like to drink it warmer as a personal preference. 

If you need guidance perfecting the water temperature for your bubs specific needs, send us an email or contact us via our website live chat or social media, we are here to help!

If there is one thing we know about babies, it’s that they are all so DIFFERENT, which is why there is no surprise babies prefer their bottles at different temperatures!  🍼



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