Travelling with your Missta Bottle

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Travel is BACK!!!

And no one knows anxiety like travelling with kids, let alone multiple kids. Toddlers, newborns and a partner that wants everything handed to them on a silver platter. Well, here is your silver platter... Missta allows you to take your sterile water on the plane and it stays warm and sterile for 12 HOURS... That's right! No more asking cabin crew for sterile water that takes an entire flight to cool down, whilst also trying to control your screaming, hungry baby. And let's be honest, where is that 'sterile' water on the plane even coming from?

No more anxiety about who you are going to be seated next to and the eye rolls you get when the business man in his suit realises he's seated next to a young parent and an infant. No more apologising for your screaming baby when Missta can help you prepare a bottle in seconds!

Flying with kids is daunting enough, let alone packing for a flight with bottles, formula, boiling water, cold water to mix into that or having to ask someone for sterile water. All you need is our missta bottle, our missta formula dispenser and of course an empty baby bottle. Our products are compact, easy to throw in your bag and of course stylish. Take the hassle and fuss out of travelling for formula feeding parents. Press the light on your Missta bottle, when it lights up green you are good to go, pour the water into your bottle, pour in your formula and voila - don't wait an hour or minutes, it takes seconds to prepare a bottle.


Firstly, go through customs with an empty Missta bottle (some of our customers have cleared customs with a full Missta bottle but we don't like to give that advice out just incase). We recommend once you are through security, head to a cafe and grab a cup of boiling water and a bottle of cold water, mix together in your missta bottle until you get a green light. (It doesn't take long to become a pro at knowing exactly which amount you need of both - and to be honest, it's quite a fun game for the competitive soul). Check for the green light before you board - Preparation is key!! If you think the flight may be the only use for your Missta when travelling - wrong you are!

Missta can be refilled every morning from your accommodation and will stay warm and sterile for 12 hours. So when you're in a taxi for an hour, crammed into your seats at a major sporting event or lounging on a daybed at Mrs Sippy Bali - Your Missta bottle is right there, green light, sterile water at a perfect temperature and ready to go.

Travelling with formula fed little ones isn't just about flying, it's about those dreaded 7 hour car trips to visit the grandparents. The interstate drives for a quick get away with the fam. Or let's be real, even just a 30 minute drive to the basketball stadium. No more pulling into a service station and asking for sterile water. Missta can be made up in the back of the car whilst your partner doesn't even need to turn off cruise control.

Formula feeding doesn't need to be scary or a hassle anymore. We want to make traveling with kids easy and anxiety free. We have searched high and low for travelling feeding products and we are SO confident that Missta ticks all the right boxes and will make getting to that day bed with a margarita in hand, an absolute breeze!


  • Keeps water warm for up to 12 hours
  • BPA Free
  • Easy for overnight feeds. 750 mil = multiple feeds.
  • Simple for everyday use and on-the-go.

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