Leaving MISSTA & baby at home with Dad, a Grandparent or a Baby-sitter...

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Leaving the house in general can be HARD with a newborn/infant, there are so many things to think about and so many baby products that need to be packed into your nappy bag - sometimes it's easier to just stay at home. But then it's SO nice to get out and about as fresh air can really make a difference to how you're feeling, especially if you have a bit of cabin fever. 

And then leaving the house alone, without your little one, can be just as hard.... 

Do you leave instructions with a detailed timeline of bubs' every move from naps to feeds to playtime?

Do you make sure you have a heap of nappies and wipes and bibs and changes of clothes all out, ready to go so whoever is babysitting can clearly see where everything is?

We totally get it.... leaving the house baby free, usually comes with a side of anxiety and a tall glass of guilt, especially if it's for a lunch with pals or a night out with the gang but on the flip side, sometimes, as parents, all you need is a bit of 'me time' with some adult conversation and a slice of peace 💁🏼‍♀️

As Mums ourselves, we know first hand how important it is to have "Melinda time" or "Demi time" as we call it, both of us have different ideas of what type of 'kid free time' keeps us sane but we can definitely admit that it's needed and it makes us both better Mums when we have some adult time. We find that sometimes it actually takes longer to prepare and organise leaving our kids with their dad's or grandparents than the time we actually spend away 😂 

For our formula feeding parents, we have made 'bottle preparation' and feeding as simple as placing the Missta bottle on the bench and kissing your bub goodbye!! You can leave the house knowing your baby is drinking formula at a safe temperature and isn't screaming for long at all before their milk is ready!

Whether you leave bubs with dad, nan, or the Aunty that has never had kids, you know that your baby is drinking their bottle at their preferred temperature that you have prepared before leaving therefore, rest assured, you can truely enjoy baby free time! 

Next on our invention list- a robot that can change a dirty nappy 🤣

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