Missta Mums: a trip down memory lane

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We can't believe it's October 2021,

We officially launched MISSTA two years ago: October 27th 2019 to be exact. CRAZY: time sure does fly when you're having fun!

Have you seen our Missta Mums IGTV series on our Instagram Page? Our Missta Mums IGTV has been live now for 9 weeks. In our first few episodes we talk about How Missta originally began... 

  • Melinda and Demi's friendship pre Missta 
  • How our idea first started 
  • The two years of planning, organising and trialing stages before we officially went on sale 
  • Our husbands support 
  • Get to know Demi & Melinda games 
  • Demi & Melinda: Our Story 

 We discuss so much, in detail as we thought it was a great way to get know us personally a bit more and also to get an understanding on how Missta began and how it's going. 


As we turn 2 this month, we thought we would look back at the last 2 years and chat about what it was like officially going on sale and the rollercoaster of a ride it was to get there!

Episode 8

  • Trying to bring our product to market
  • Prototypes
  • Working with our Product Designer & Manufacturers 

Episode 9 

  • All the mistakes leading into going on sale 
  • Going on sale: Demi & Melinda weren't sitting together 
  • How incredibly grateful we feel when an order comes in 

Episode 10

  • The facet we had NO pre packaged stock
  • Demi hadn't tested the label printer 
  • Demi had a meltdown the night of the VIP launch cause nothing was working 

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