Overnight Feeds with Missta

Posted by Demi Duncan on

Set yourself up before you go to bed with your Missta bottle, formula quantities and your babies bottles so you don't have to get up during the night!!

Overnight feeds can be special when it is just you and bubs in the middle of the night, but let’s be real... it can also be very tiring!!

The last thing you want to be doing at 2am is getting out of bed and walking around the house trying to organise a fresh bottle of formula and risk waking the whole house up with a crying hungry baby. 

With Missta, you can simply fill your 750ml bottle up before bed, get a green light reading and keep it on your beside table with your formula quantities and baby's bottles. 

The water will stay warm all night and at a safe drinking temperature; it’s as easy as that.

Happy Feeding!!

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