Travelling with Formula + Bottles on a Plane

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Domestic and overseas travel with an infant can be daunting. As mothers ourselves, who have infants too, we felt the need to create a product to ease as much stress as possible for you while traveling with the fam!

Our Missta bottle is an incredibly high quality thermos that keeps 750ml of sterilised water warm for up to 12 hours and has an inbuilt light in the lid that confirms the water temperature is safe to mix with formula and serve to an infant!

travelling with a baby

Domestic flights (in Australia) don’t generally exceed 5 hours, which means the Missta bottle will enable you to have enough warm water for the whole flight. There are no liquid travel limits when flying domestically and you don’t have to go through customs which makes travelling with bubs that little less stressful.

For international flights, there sometimes can be flight legs of 14+ hours, it's hard to imagine how parents traveling with formula feeding infants coped before Missta. Flying with a little one already puts the anxiety levels high let alone worrying about making up fresh baby bottles quick & easy!

Here are a few tips for international travel with Missta:

  • Fill your Missta bottle up after customs at a café. Ask for 300ml boiling water and purchase a trusted bottle of water to fill the remaining 400 ml of water and ensure you get a green light.
  • If you run out of water in flight, or are close to running out of water, ask the flight attendant for 300ml boiling water and purchase a bottle of water to fill the remainder of the bottle.
  • Pack plenty of formula.
  • Pack plenty of sterilised bottles.
  • Before you get off the plane, try to fill your Missta bottle as there can be long customs lines when entering a country plus you then need to travel to your hotel and its obviously important to have milk for your bub!

baby bottles when travelling

PS. We have had feedback from customers that you are allowed to go through customs with larger amounts of liquid when it's for an infant. We encourage you to contact the airport/airlines first or have a backup plan if you are forced to pour out the contents of your Missta bottle. 

Happy Travels 🖤🖤

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