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Heading overseas these holidays? Everything you need to know about getting your Missta bottle through customs and prepared for a flight.

Have you got plans this Christmas to head overseas with the family? Have you thought about preparing for a long, international flight and how you're going to make up fresh bottles for bubs? Missta can help!

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Holidays are the best, but transit to the holiday destination can be hard and stressful especially on a flight where there is no escape! Our Missta bottle stores 750ml of warm sterilised water and keeps it warm for up to 12 hours - perfect for travelling. Charge your Missta lid before your upcoming flight to be sure it won't run out of battery mid-flight. Ensure you take it through customs at the airport EMPTY as there are liquid restrictions when travelling overseas. 

If you have needed to use your Missta bottle from when leaving the house, then you will need to empty its contents before you get to customs as you can only take through 100ml of liquid. Once you are through customs, you can fill your Missta bottle up by asking a cafe for boiling water and mixing it with a fresh bottle of trusted water (i.e. Pump water bottle, Mount Franklin etc). (Always check with your airline that you can bring your own water onto your flight to your particular destination). Add approximately 250ml of boiling water, then fill the rest up with the cold purchased bottle of sterilised water; approximately 450ml. To get a “green light” temperature reading on your lid means the water is between 25-45 degrees Celsius. We recommend attempting to make the water closer to 45 degrees Celsius to ensure it stays warm the whole flight. 

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Missta allows you to make up fresh formula bottles without having to ask the air hosts for boiling water while your baby is crying (& hungry). If you are on a very long flight and you use all of your water in your Missta bottle during the flight, most flight attendants are happy to supply boiling water and cold bottled water, for you to quickly refill your Missta bottle! 

Have a wonderful holiday and remember to send us snaps of your Missta bottle on holidays with you!! 

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