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Formula feeding while travelling

Yes, we are about to discuss possibly the FOUR scariest words; “Formula Feeding while Travelling”.

Well to be honest, it used to be scary! Flying with your baby for the first time is daunting enough let alone worrying about formula, baby bottles, sterilised water and then everything else.

Missta allows you to take warm sterilised water on the plane with you so your formula feeding process is made easier when preparing a bottle mid-air, no need to ask your flight attendant for boiling water and having to wait for it to cool down while your baby is crying!

Formula Feeding when travelling domestically in Australia:

Did you know you have the luxury of pre preparing your Missta bottle at home and stepping on that plane with ease knowing you have milk for your baby during the flight because there are no customs or liquid limits when traveling within Australia.

Carrying Missta with you whilst travelling means you can avoid being ‘that baby’ crying due to hunger as you can prepare your bottle in seconds… not minutes. Leaving everyone else to watch a movie or read a book in peace.

Formula Feeding when travelling Internationally from Australia:

Missta will still make your formula bottle preparation easier once you’re on the flight however you need to go through customs with an empty Missta bottle and have it filled once you have cleared customs.

We recommend going to a café and asking for boiling water and then buying a bottle of cold water to mix and fill your Missta bottle, remembering to not pour the boiling water straight into Missta – either put the bottled water in first or wait until the boiling water has cooled down in a take away coffee cup / coffee mug before pouring it into Missta. Check the temperature before boarding the flight to make sure you get a green light and then you are good to go!

Preparation is key people!!!!! And when travelling with infants/kids, it’s all about being organised.

Once the ‘travelling’ process is over (finally) and you have arrived at your destination, your Missta can be refilled each morning before leaving your accommodation and then you are set for the day.

Formula feeding while traveling doesn’t have to be scary anymore nor does it have to be as daunting. We have searched high and low for great travelling feeding products and we are so confident that Missta will put you at ease while traveling!

Missta’s Formula Feeding Product Benefits

  • Keeps water warm for up to 12 hours
  • BPA Free
  • Easy for overnight feeds.
  • 750 mil = multiple feeds.
  • Simple for everyday use and on-the-go.

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