MISSTA is the formula feeding hero! After being on the market for 4 years, we made some minor changes to the original model to make it even better. 

The Missta Bottle is a 750ml thermos with a smart lid. As a thermos, it needs to be filled with warm water. The Missta lid has an inbuilt thermometer, which ensures the warm water in the thermos is at a warm/safe serving temperature for a baby. 

Once your Missta bottle is filled with warm safe water, it will remain warm for 12 hours to make fresh bottles on demand all day/or night! 

The water temperature will reduce over the 12 hour period when you remove the lid and air escapes, in addition to the water volume reducing. 

Missta bottle Features:

1. 100% portable. The light button can be pressed 12,900 times before it loses charge! Don't worry, it will last your growing family and years beyond! 

2. Smart light system to ensure the thermos water is safe and warm, ready for baby's bottle. 

3. Inbuilt thermometer in the lid. 

What Is Missta?

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